Peoplestring pays you for your online social interactions

Social networking sites like Peoplestring are exploding like the gold rush from 1800’s. They will most likely continue to grow for a very long time since many peoples from all over the world who use the internet are involved with some type of social networking site or another. This past year Facebook alone has recorded over 100 million new users.  That’s just one of the many big fishes swimming in the sea!

What is Peoplestring?

Peoplestring is a 100% free social networking site that actually pay you for using their site and it’s growing at an amazing rate. Peoplestring started back in February 2009 and marketed a unique way of earning money by checking your email, using websites that you're already familiar with like Myspace,  Facebook, playing  games, doing surveys, online casinos and more. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, Linked-In and other social networking sites don’t share the revenues that they receive. Although these are excellent social networking sites to visit and offer great one-on-one or group interactions, the only peoples making any money are the webmasters of those websites. So to elaborate, Peoplestring is an internet and home based business networking tool that is fun to use and allows you to meet new friends, future mates, business partners, professional contacts and make some money all at the same time.

So, why should you join Peoplestring?

1. Once a member of Peoplestring, you can still access your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Bigsting, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, MSN, G-talk and get paid for the same actions that you do everyday! You have nothing to lose and lots of money to gain!

2.Peoplestring's compensation plan is one of the key reasons why people are choosing to get involved. Peoplestring's commissions ranges from .50$ for every FREE member you refer to a percentage of all peoples transactions in your string. Peoplestring's pyramid string goes 6 levels deep and a transaction consists of everything from simply checking emails and just logging-in each day. 

New members of Peoplestring can earn 5% of their direct referrals earnings and 2% of all earnings on levels 2 through 6. Peoplestring's entrepreneur members earn 20% of their direct referrals earnings and 6% of all earnings on levels 2 through 6.

3. Peoplestring's "mailbox-cashbox" program is how most of the peoples are earning their money. You will get 1.50$ for signing up and a small amount of cash every time you check an email. Peoplestring also have an "email destruction feature" that allows you to delete already sent emails just in case you make a mistake.

4.Online gaming is a big business that is taking the world by storm and Peoplestring offer certain of these games can become available to try out. You will have the opportunity to test Peoplestring's high tech games and earning money from the peoples whom are using and testing these games in your pyramid string. Peoplestring is 100% free to join (no strings attached!!) and the many games are free to play hence will also help you to build a great resume, gain experience and get not forget, MAKE MONEY!

Some things in life are too good to be true and Peoplestring is one of them. So, if the word “FREE MONEY” make you sceptical please note that Peoplestring is a 100% legitimate company and has been featured in MSNBC-CBSNEWS and hence Peoplestring is a publicly traded company. Once again, there’s nothing to pay upfront to join Peoplestring and all your payments will be made via bank transfer or ALERTPAY for U.S residents. 

Peoplestring users whom are located overseas will only be eligible to use ALERTPAY as a way to receive payments.

Peoplestring used to enable user payment transfers though PAYPAL but for all it's users this option has been canceled. But ALERTPAY is very similar (if not identical) and it’s 100% free to open an account.

Peoplestring and Reward String are two exceptional and free internet networking business options that can be a perfect tool for the next generation of entrepreneurs throughout the world. The revolution as begun! CLICK HERE TO JOIN Peoplestring NOW!

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